Construction Leads

We provide leads for professionals who work in construction and home improvement. Rather than us charging you "per lead", like most companies, we assume a big portion of the risk and you only pay us when a lead turns into work. We're good at generating leads, and you're good at your craft or trade - so why don't we both stick to what we know?

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Contractor Leads

We work with all types of contractors and subcontractors. We offer leads for painters, carpenters, finishers, refinishers, handymen, general contractors, plumbers, cabinet installers, tile installers, electricians, roofers, etc. If you have any questions about whether or not we can provide leads for your trade or craft, just get in touch and we're happy to let you know.

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Free Leads

Yes, the leads are free, however, if we do our job right then we expect to get paid. See, most companies charge you up front for the lead, and then they'll often sell the lead to other contractors. With us, you'll receive exclusive leads from us for free, and you only pay us if a lead ends up turning into work. We understand how hard it is to find work, so we've built a model that we feel helps the contractor.

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Construction Leads for Subcontractors in the USA

Yes, I offer free construction leads to subcontractors, although I expect to be paid when my leads turn into work for my clients. I'm assuming much more risk in this arrangement than most of the other "lead generation" companies out there. Why would I do this?

Well, because I used to be a subcontractor. A few years ago I worked for a subcontracting company and we would do wood refinishing and touch up. I was primarily responsible for the sales and marketing for that company, but I also did the work on many occasions. I spent a lot of my time cold calling, trying to build relationships with other companies so that we could get steady work.

I didn't enjoy cold calling very much, so, I started experimenting on the internet to see if I could generate leads that way. I successfully started to generate leads for our business, and soon I had too many leads that we couldn't help. So, I found another subcontractor who said he would pay me for those leads.

This business happened a bit by accident, but since then, I've continued to build websites and to generate leads for construction professionals. I enjoy helping subcontractors be successful - because often they just don't know how to market themselves, even though they may have some amazing skills.

I can't help everyone who contacts me, because I have to trust my clients to pay me, and there has to be enough demand for what they do in the area they live. However, if you're looking to start your own business, expand your business, or just want to do more jobs on the side, get in touch with me to see how I might be able to help you get some construction leads.